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Make Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd With a Beautiful Online Presence

People now turn to websites as their primary source for information;  product research, price comparison and online purchasing convenience, forcing businesses  to provide websites that meet these needs.

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Have you seen businesses in run down buildings that look as though they need a fresh coat of paint or have some landscape issues or just shabby looking in general? Lets face it, this would put you off from going inside to shop. But you wouldn’t think twice about shopping in a store that looks clean and tidy and has a great window display. In the same way, your website is your storefront. A great looking website will build your credibility, help establish your online presence and help you achieve higher rankings on search engines, while a badly designed, outdated or home made website will cause customers to shop elsewhere.


Customers equate a poor looking website as a poorly run business.

Your website is a virtual representation of your business. When running an online business, people physically cannot see you like they could, if they were dealing with a business located in a building. People do judge books by there covers, or in this case, judge website by there design. This is where a good web design comes in.

If you are running a business that has a physical presence, like a shop, would you allow your salespeople to dress in shabby or dirty clothes when they are dealing with your customers? I’m sure that you wouldn’t. Professional, smartly dressed salespeople tell your customers that you do care about quality and image. First impressions matter.

This can be said about your website. If your website has a bad design, hard for people to find what they are looking for or looks like it’s been thrown together in a few minutes, you are literally telling your visitors, and potential customers that you do not care what your online presence looks like or care about looking professional or how their online experience on your website is. Which reflects on your actual business as people will think that you run your business the same way, which may not be the case but you are giving that impression due to your bad website.

The opposite can be said if you have a totally professional looking website with easy navigation, you are giving your visitors the perception that you have given attention to every detail and you care about their online experience. You are organized, professional, focused and you really mean business. Contact Prince Edward County Web Design to see how we can help your website have a professional online presence.

Give your website new life with a re-design. We can create beautiful, functional websites for businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries.

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